Carl Emil Carlsen

Audiovisual interactive works intersecting art, nature and computation.

Silicium 02 Splash
Silicium 02  Audiovisual performance
Colony 02 Splash
Colony 02  Interactive installation


Hello, my name is Carl Emil …

Currently I’m in Taiwan to work with theatre group Very Theatre on their piece Chronicle of Lightyear. This September Silicium will perform at Ars Electronica. Also looking forward to work on interactive videography for a new piece by theatre group Flying Pigs.

You can follow my process on Twitter or subscribe to rare updates on this mailinglist.

You are always welcome to contact me about potential commissions, projects, collaborations, events, talks and workshops. Find contact info below.

Some of the software tools I develop to execute my work I share on Github or sell on the Unity Asset Store.

You can browse my works here or view my bio and cv here.