Silicium 03

Audiovisual performance

Click Festival at The Culture Yard 20-21 May 2017   ·   Partners: Bjørn Svin (music & dance) , Tina Tarpgaard (mentorship)   ·   Co-producer: The Culture Yard   ·   Funding: Danish Arts Foundation

Live visual music improvisation.

In their third production, visual music group Silicium takes novel steps towards a truly live improvised visual music. The electronic musician Bjørn Svin plays a minimal sequencer that allows him to control compositorial elements and sound parameters. In parallel, the live visualist plays a tailored touch interface that controls the flow of parameters to the animated graphics and stage light, influenced by manual strokes, direct music events and parameters together with sound and tempo analysis.

The performance is designed for a standing audience. They wear 3D glasses and face a Peppers Ghost stage with stereoscopic video projection. The full performance is approximately 45 minutes.

Visual music performance group Silicium strives to reinvent the concert experience using new technologies. Music and visuals are composed in parallel with equal emphasis to achieve audiovisual unity.

Silicium 03 Motion

Silicium 03 Ship

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