Social Zone

Interactive environment

Generative graphics and system development   ·   Direction: Dark Matters   ·   Show: Roskilde Festival 04-08 Jul 2012   ·   Partners: Roskilde Social Zone (concept & construction) , Dark Matters (concept & motion graphics) , Marcin Ignac (additional generative graphics) , Søren Lyngsø Knudsen (sound design) , Science Friction (physical interface) , Henrik Edelbo Sørensen (documentation)

Hanging out in pixel space.

The main pavilion in Social Zone at Roskilde Festival 2012 was a maze-like structure augmented with video projections. Visitors could directly influence their visual environment by turning a large dial located in the center. The rotary movement was channeled into several audiovisual interactive pieces shown in succession, each with its own rules of interaction and style.

Social Zone Marcin Grid

Social Zone Daylight

Social Zone Concert

Social Zone Knob

Social Zone Projectors

Social Zone Crane