Infested Area

Interactive installation

Show: KURS Søen at Sorø Kunstmuseum 15 Aug - 25 Oct 2009   ·   Funding: Danish Arts Foundation   ·   Thanks: Daniel Høier Øhrgaard (technical assistance) , Leona Sui-Ling Hwang (assistance) , Anders Sune Berg (photos)

Vitual bugs in physical space.

A species of simulated bugs have crept into The Art Museum of West Zealand, perhaps through the water pipes or the electrical grid. They have infested an old stairway that leads to the exhibition space, forcing visitors to walk through their territory. They are scared away easily and will flee into the nearest power socket when they feel vibrations on the floor.

Our physical and virtual spaces are in a merging phase. Today, screens in our homes and pockets serve as digital ponds for virtual life. Much like the Darwinian evolution of early sea creatures, virtual instances struggle in a competition to inhabit our physical spaces and engage in a full symbioses with us. As the border between physical and virtual blur out, software bugs become comparable to house bugs.

Infested Area Stairs

Infested Area Creep

Infested Area Poster

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