Virtual sound walk

Shows: Online exhibition at 01 Dec 2008 - 23 Jul 2014, New Media Days at Carlsberg TAP2 (Copenhagen) 09-10 Nov 2010   ·   Commisioned by: The Danish Composers’ Society   ·   Partners: Jakob Weigand Goetz (music) , Søren Lyngsø Knudsen (music) , Bent Sørensen (music) , Rune Søchting (music) , Rudiger Meyer (music) , Jonas R. Kirkegaard (music)   ·   Funding: The Heritage Agency of Denmark, KODA

An ever-expanding virtual city of sounds.

Metroplex is a collection of soundscapes to be experienced online in a web browser as well as offline as a stand-alone installation. The virtual listening space consists of a free-floating labyrinth structure that is regenerated for each visit to form new combinations of sounds. The visitor is sent on an explorative soundwalk in zero gravity without a fixed time frame and is free to move around as she wishes.

The project was commissioned by The Danish Composers Society. Their pitch was to find new ways of mediating Danish sound art on the web. Over a period of one year, a selection of composers was curated to upload new soundscapes that would reflect on the theme ‘city as organism’.

The initial inspiration came from walking the streets in Vancouver BC while watching the construction frenzy leading up to the Winter Olympics. Inspiration also came from the novel Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino.

Metroplex Vancouver