Splash Screen

Water curtain display

Shows: Kontur festival at Københavns Musikteater 10-11 Nov 2006, Dansens Dag at ARoS Århus Kunstmuseum Apr 29 2006, Kontur Festival at DGI-Byen Nov 08 2004, Half Machine at Gray Hall (Christiania) 04-08 Aug 2004, Nordic Music Days at Borups Højskole 19-24 Apr 2004   ·   Thanks: Fokdal Springvand (technical assistence), Anette Asp Christensen (contributing video artist), Claus Bjerre Krogh (contributing video artist)

An sensory experiment with water and projected imagery.

Splash Screen is an experimental display enabled by projecting light onto a falling curtain of water. During its active period it was exhibited at various venues in Denmark with video by different contributing artists including the author. The industrial look was designed to resemble a holographic display from a former future putting into question the possible function and underlying technology of the artefact.

The motivation to construct the device came from a desire to add sensory qualities to virtual imagery. Visual qualities like transparency, translucency, refraction, reflection, turbulence, and tactile qualities like wetness and weight invoked curiosity among the audiences and many would engage with the image by blowing, putting their hands into it, or even attempting to drink it.

Splash Screen Kontur 1

Splash Screen Kontur 2