Splash Screen


Shows: Kontur festival at Københavns Musikteater 10-11 Nov 2006, Dansens Dag at ARoS Århus Kunstmuseum Apr 29 2006, Half Machine at Gray Hall 04-08 Aug 2004, Nordic Music Days at Borups Højskole 19-24 Apr 2004   ·   Thanks: Fokdal Springvand (technical assistence)

An aesthetic experiment with water and projected imagery.

Splash Screen is the result of an obsession with how watery surfaces transform images. Restless movement, transparency, glow and wetness adds to the image something tangible yet ethereal.

The clunky industrial look of Splash Screen was designed to resemble a holographic display from a former future. The body was built almost entirely from scrap aluminium.

Splash Screen Test