Mixed reality installation

Award: CPH:DOX INTER:ACTIVE Award 2024   ·   Shows: CPH:DOX INTER:ACTIVE (Copenhagen) 13-24 Mar 2024, RIXC (Riga) 05 Oct - 17 Nov 2023   ·   Partner: Anna Fišere (music)   ·   Funding: EMAP, Danish Arts Foundation   ·   Thanks: Victoria Abramova (appearing in photos and video)

Immaterial matters.

Intangible investigates the oddly satisfying sensation of touching simulated natural phenomena while calling attention to the controversial idea of reconnecting with nature through computational means.

While our relationship with nature is in crisis, we attempt to satisfy our primal longing for the displays of nature with artificial mimicry using technological gadgets. This paradoxical return to nature places us at an awkward position between realities, where simulated stimuli are designed to strike a bond with the natural world that seems increasingly remote.

In this sensory experience, you are invited to explore a series of algorithmic natural phenomena with your hands. Each instance exhibits a perplexing metamorphosis and is accompanied by a musical piece by Latvian composer Anna Fišere.

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