Nordic Fractals

Audiovisual concert

Show: Klang Festival at Koncertkirken (Copenhagen) Jun 03 2019   ·   Partner: Nordic Affect (music)   ·   Producer: Norobo   ·   Thanks: Joakim Rødegard (photos)

Visual interpretations of six pieces of music.

Nordic Fractals is a collaboration with the Icelandic ensemble Nordic Affect in which their performance is complemented with live generated imagery. The quintet produces acoustic, recorded and electro-acoustic sounds that draw inspiration from both ecological and somatic phenomena such as wind/breathing and inner/outer landscapes in movement, delivered with a sense of Nordic simplicity.

Real-time computer simulations designed for each musical composition drive a variety of material behaviors that aim to express fluctuating feelings of vitality. These simulations are then conducted live while being influenced by sound analysis, cues and partly scored animations. Rather than trying to categorize and impose an emotional response to the music, the visual works aim to envoke an embodied sense of matter in motion that resonates on an abstract yet corporal level.

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