Silicium Primordial

Audiovisual concert

Shows: CPH:DOX at Kunsthal Charlottenborg Mar 30 2019, Art & Text Days at Kunsthalle Nov 21 2019   ·   Partner: Bjørn Svin (music)   ·   Thanks: Egle Urbonaviciute (documentation) , Jorgos Loukakos (documentation) , Flemming Bo Jensen (photography) , Karina Abramova (documentation) , Jakub Janco (photography at days)

Cinematic visual music concert.

In their fifth production, visual music duo Silicium explores the simplest forms of digital organic behavior through three live conducted audiovisual pieces. The format of this production can be described as a cross between digital nature film and interactive music video, designed for cinemas. The two performers, Bjørn Svin on sound synth instruments and Carl Emil on visual synth instruments, rely on a fixed musical structure on which they improvise and react to one another’s output.

Silicium Primordial ATDays2019