Audiovisual instrument

Shows: Social Aktion at Museum of Contemporary Art 13 Jan - 15 Apr 2007, Sound Around at Københavns Musikteater 12-18 Oct 2007   ·   Sponsor: Rias (glue expertise)   ·   Thanks: Daniel Høier Øhrgaard (technical assistance, photos) , Morten Carlsen (assistance) , Thomas Sørensen (assistance) , Marie Louise Andersson (assistance) , Michael Edinger (technical assistance) , Enrico Passetti (assistance) , Dennis Paul (java mentor) , Christian Riekoff (procontroll library)

A sound and light instrument for four players.

Four players each control the expression of their own tone and a colour using handheld controllers. Each tone and colour pair is designed to be perceived as one audiovisual object. The players are free to explore and improvise together without guidance. Surrounded by sound speakers the instrument features a custom screen that can produce light patterns that resemble miniaturised northern lights.

The project has been exhibited in two versions.

The first version was commisioned for the exhibition Social Aktion (2007) at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde. Here, the concept was to engage people socially in a musical experience while listening to a selection of the museums extensive sound art archive. Later in 2007, at the contemporary music festival Sound Around, the instrument was extended with sounds making it a musical instrument in its own right.

Lightbender Collage

Lightbender Green

Lightbender Kids

Lightbender Gamepad

Lightbender Instrument

Lightbender Sound Around Poster

Lightbender Social Aktion Poster