Silicium 02

Audiovisual performance

Show: Click Festival at The Culture Yard (Elsinore) 21-22 May 2016   ·   Partner: Bjørn Svin (music & dance)   ·   Co-producer: The Culture Yard   ·   Funding: Danish Arts Foundation   ·   Thanks: Tina Tarpgaard (mentorship)

A surreal journey in which a creator is transported into his own creation and is eventually consumed by it.

Silicium 02 by the visual music duo Silicium is a performance that explores the themes of creation, loss of control, and immersion in virtual reality. The performer, who is also the music composer of the work, creates a simulated life form that evolves beyond control and transports him into a virtual world. The performer’s digital self is sent on a trip in an endless transforming landscape where he eventually encounters an unlikely dancing partner that ultimately consumes him.

The way the performer embodies the musical expression and interacts with the audiovisual environment blurs the line between the music, the visuals, and the performer himself, creating a sense of united drive behind the experience. The piece aims to transport the audience away from a logical state of mind and into a receptive, trance-like state, similar to the experience of taking psychedelics.

Silicium 02 Worms

Silicium 02 Atombodies

The project investigates the potential of the 4D Box stage to create novel concert experiences using mixed reality. The stage uses reflective foil (also known as Peppers Ghost), stereoscopic projection, and body tracking to create the illusion of performers standing inside an interactive virtual environment, as well as the illusion of objects that are both digital and physical.

Silicium has explored various collaborative processes and technologies for achieving audiovisual unity through a series of performances. In this particular performance, the music is pre-composed and played back, while the parameters driving the visual simulations are partly controlled by animation, sound analysis, tempo, and sensor input.

The performance is designed for a sitting audience wearing 3D glasses. The full performance is 30 minutes.

Silicium 02 4D Box Stage Click 2016

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