Gloria 2018

Live music stage

Part of the live visuals team   ·   Direction: Verigo   ·   Show: Roskilde Festival 04-08 Jul 2018   ·   Thanks: Haley Heynderickx (act on the photo above)

Staging live music.

Every summer since 2010, Danish audiovisual art collective Vertigo upholds the tradition of reinventing the live music stage Gloria at Roskilde Festival. In 2018, the stage was designed to be surrounded by the audience and viewed from all angles.

Most musical acts at Gloria trust the Vertigo team to produce the entire visual experience. With a diverse lineup of ~30 acts and very little time to prepare for each of them, it is an interesting playground for exploring live improvised imagery and shaping new visual instruments.

Below is a photo of Durga, a continuously evolving personal instrument that is also used in other productions such as Nordic Fractals and Silicium.

Gloria 2018 Durga